This research project looks to examine whether the laws on surrogacy regulation are fit for purpose, by comparing the framework in the UK to California and taking into account the experiences of surrogates. 


I’ll be comparing the legal framework in both jurisdictions, looking to identify the underpinning cultural and social values, as to see how the law in the UK could change to protect surrogates. The law doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and so, with the help of an advisory group composed of stakeholders, I’ll be interviewing surrogates and potential surrogates. (If you’d like to get involved, please click here.)



This project is part of my PhD at the Wellcome Centre for Culture and Environments of Health, University of Exeter, and is funded by the Wellcome Trust. 



If you would like more information on this project, please contact me on twitter (@surrogacyreform). Additionally, some information may be found: http://www.exeter.ac.uk/departments/cceh/people/centreteam/centrephdstudents/zainamahmoud/